5 Ideal Journey Tasks That You Should Attempt in Yelagiri


Yelagiri is a fantastic vacationer location in Tamil Nadu, which is much less recognized by lots of visitors. Yelagiri is known for its soaring optimal, abundant vegetation, as well as comforting windy environment.


The Paragliding task has actually been just recently developed just to attract even more visitors to Yelagiri. This sporting activity is not limited to guys alone, however, females could likewise attempt Paragliding which will undoubtedly highlight the kid in them. Do not neglect to try this journey sporting activity if you take a trip to Yelagiri.

There is no age restriction for attempting Paragliding in Yelagiri. The most beautiful time to try Paragliding is January to February as well as October to December.

You could accomplish this childhood year need by attempting Paragliding in Yelagiri. There are 7 places in India where you could delight in Paragliding, and also stunning Yelagiri is one amongst them.

Rock Climbing

One more must-try experience task in Yelagiri is rock climbing. It is an additional task in Yelagiri that has actually expanded substantially in the current times.

Summer season Period is the very best time to delight in rock climbing. Do not attempt it throughout the downpour period as the rocks will undoubtedly be unsafe to get on. See to it you comply with all the precaution shown by the teacher to have a secure climbing.

You could attempt it any time of the year, which is possible for you. Rock climbing up is not a good idea for the people with heart disease or individuals that are weak. You must have nerves of steel to attempt rock climbing up as it is rather bold.



The various other moving paths in Yelagiri are the courses along Javadi as well as Palamathi Hills. It will undoubtedly take about 45 mins to finish your trip.

The rich Yelagiri forest is the house of many serpents which you could locate occasionally throughout your expedition. There are enough of individuals that go to Yelagiri yearly to join the hiking camps arranged below. I would most definitely suggest attempting hiking a minimum of when in your lifetime.

Zip Line

Both youngsters, as well as grownups, could associate with zip line tasks. There are some weight constraints to undertake this sporting activity. Young people often pertain to Yelagiri to participate in the zip line.